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The Principle And Use Of Infrared Heating Lamps

Oct. 11, 2019

The Infrared Heat Lamp (quartz infrared lamp) is an efficient heating source. It has a quartz bulb and a tungsten wire to avoid blackening of the tube wall and the resulting decrease in luminous flux. The advantages of these lamps include: high efficiency, fast heat transfer, responsiveness to the control unit, compact structure and light weight. These lamps have the same basic structure as a conventional double-ended tungsten halogen lamp, and have a longitudinal single or double spiral filament. Sealed at both ends of the tube by molybdenum foil. The filament is supported in a uniform interval with tungsten wire to prevent the filament from sagging. Depending on their model, horizontal or arbitrary ignition position can be selected.

Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared Heat Lamp

The main purposes are shared by Infrared Heat Lamp Factory:

1. Drying of paint and printing ink

2. Softening and melting of plastics

3. Blow PETP bottles and blow them twice.

4. Heat disinfection

5. Drying of wood before painting

6. Industrial production oven

7. Semiconductor factory and microelectronics factory

8. Infrared heating lamp for car paint room

9. Food heating and insulation

10. Chemical reaction, heat shrinkage.

11. Paper drying in paper mills

12. Epiphytic reactions

13. beauty equipment, infrared therapy, health care

14. The shoe machine dedicated near infrared far infrared heating lamp

15. Shoe machine infrared drying and bottoming production line supporting near-infrared gold-plated lamp (15007Z near-infrared gold-plated gold tube)

16. Laminating machine special infrared tube

17. Wave soldering, reflow soldering equipment with infrared

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