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Application Of Infrared Heating In Film Stretching

Jun. 30, 2020

Find here details of Carbon Infrared Heater on our website. Today we would like to talk about the application of infrared heating in film stretching.

As a new type of heating method, infrared heating is known for its high efficiency, energy-saving, precise heating and environmental protection. It is widely used in the rubber and plastics industry. In film stretching, infrared heating is generally used as a supplementary heat source.

Common problems of customer:

In the past, some customers came to ask: in the film stretching, the temperature in the middle of the heating module is generally slightly higher than the two ends, how to uniform temperature? Can you design a curved module that can adapt to the equipment control system? Installed at both ends, balancing the temperature?

Special Sharp Carbon Heat Lamp

Special Sharp Carbon Heat Lamp

Problem analysis:

In response to this problem, as a professional Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer, we have successfully solved the case. First of all, to analyze the cause of the problem: the film stretching module is more than 2 meters long, the heat of the lamp itself is uniform, but the air circulation at both ends is better, the heat loss is more, so the temperature at both ends will be 1-2 °C lower. , affecting the thickness of the finished film.


Customers need to be able to adapt to the arc control module of the equipment a control system, but the cost of the curved module is high, and the compatibility with the system, itself may not be good.

The engineers combined with specific temperature range, through calculation, it is recommended to install two short Infrared Heating Tube at both ends. The length, power, heating temperature and installation position of the short tubes are designed according to the actual needs of customers and equipped with electronic control. The system can solve the problem of uneven temperature and easy operation and control.