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Application Of Infrared Heating Tube

Dec. 07, 2019

The essence of infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation. Different frequencies form a wide spectrum-from visible light to infrared. The temperature of the heating wire determines the distribution of the radiation intensity of the heating tube with the wavelength. According to the position of the maximum radiation intensity in the spectral distribution, the infrared radiation heating tubes are classified into products of short wave, medium wave and long wave.

In the mid-1970s, infrared radiant heating technology was introduced to China and was tried out in a small number of industries. Due to insufficient understanding of the application prospects of this technology, its development is relatively slow. By the 1990s, high-infrared radiant heating technology was introduced into China. Due to the lack of promotion and publicity of high-infrared heating technology, coupled with insufficient understanding of the core components of this technology, the manufacturing technology of infrared radiation heating tubes, so until the late 1990s, the application and development of this technology in China It is still at the level of the western developed countries in the early and mid-1990s. In recent years, the advantages of high-infrared radiant heating technology have been gradually recognized, the manufacturing level of infrared radiant heating tubes has been increasing, and its application in various domestic industries has become increasingly widespread.

Infrared Heat Lamp is a tubular heater using the infrared principle. It has the characteristics of excellent quality, high thermal efficiency, large power density, rapid heating, power saving, and long life. It is an energy-saving heating technology developed rapidly in the 1980s.

Infrared is widely used in industrial heating or drying, such as automotive, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit board packaging, film and electronics, and other surface heating drying curing process.

Quartz near-infrared and far-infrared use transparent or translucent quartz glass as the outer shell of the tube to generate near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectrum, so there is an Infrared Quartz Lamp. Infrared is a kind of electric wave. It propagates at the speed of light and carries very high energy. Different types of infrared with the same power have different radiant intensities and different wavelengths but different intensities.

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

A. Long-wave infrared (ie far-infrared) features: fast heating speed, uniform heating, small thermal inertia, it takes only 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature of the component, the energy radiation conversion efficiency is as high as 60% -75%, and the hot and cold does not burst , Energy saving and long service life.

B. Short-wave infrared (ie near-infrared) features: It has 1-3 seconds heating and cooling time, making the heating process control more flexible. The single- and twin-tube highly efficient and durable gold-coated reflective layers can achieve a radiation efficiency of more than 96% and a long service life, generally more than 10,000 hours. It is especially widely used for drying and curing of high-speed printing equipment. It can quickly heat the surface of objects with plastics, water and other solvents, and has the characteristics of being quickly absorbed by water films to achieve drying effects.

Energy saving principle of infrared heating tube:

Far infrared rays produce multiple reflections and refractions as they pass through the quartz tube, causing opacification. It has excellent far-infrared radiation characteristics. If the back is sprayed with gold or semi-coated white alumina, the effect is better, and the power saving can reach 35%.

Performance of infrared heating tube:

Infrared heating tube does not need coating on the outside and no filling material on the inside, stable emissivity, no deformation at high temperature, no harmful radiation, no environmental pollution, strong corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, low thermal penetration, high heat conversion rate, long-term Use without changing color.

The above is the application of infrared heating tube introduced by Infrared Heat Lamp Factory.