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Four Applications Of Carbon Infrared Heater In Paint Room

Jan. 02, 2020

Painting involves various industries, such as consumer electronics, automobiles, machinery and equipment manufacturing, medical equipment, aerospace, etc. These areas require surface coating. In the painting industry, painting rooms are essential. The painting method is naturally dried from the beginning. Forced drying in the paint room, experienced a lot of heating modes.

With the passage of time, the paint booth has also been continuously updated and developed, from the initial burning of wood and coal, to the heating of diesel oil, to the burning of natural gas, to the heating wire, and to the infrared far infrared heating. Times are advancing, technology is developing, and paint booths have to keep up with market demand. Now the market demand is "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, cheap and good quality". Infrared paint room can meet any of the above 4 points, and it will shine in the paint industry in the future.

At present, there are still many traditional baking methods such as oil-fired paint booths (using burning diesel) and combustion paint booths (burning wood scraps or pellets). In these two heating methods, the hot air generated by the combustion of fuel is sent to the baking room by a fan, which raises the problem of the baking room. It is a representative of heating and heating by means of thermal convection and heat transfer. The external high temperature is used to slow the solvent of the paint. Slow roasting, the whole drying process is from the outside to the inside, the whole process is slower.

In view of the large fire hazards, unenvironmental protection, and unsatisfactory heating effects of the combustion drying room, the combustion drying room has been gradually replaced by an infrared heating drying room. Infrared paint room replaces the burning parts with heating tubes, and uses 10 or more groups of carbon fiber heating tubes to assemble. The use of electrical energy to generate heat and infrared can volatilize the water and solvent in the paint from the inside out, increasing the heating effect by more than 65%.

The main advantages of carbon fiber heating tubes, inherited all the advantages of tungsten Infrared Heating Tube, improved the problem of the durability of tungsten heating tubes. The tungsten wire is energized under a protective gas environment to generate high temperature. The tungsten wire will reach an incandescent state and emit dazzling visible light. At the same time, the surface of the tungsten wire will slowly sublimate due to high temperature. Even if there is a protective gas, the fate of the tungsten wire will not be changed. It's just the length of time.

The carbon fiber heating tube uses carbon fiber as a heating wire, and is heated by electric current in a vacuum environment. The chemical and physical properties of carbon fiber are extremely stable, and the performance is stable without embrittlement and oxidation problems. Therefore, as long as the vacuum environment is not damaged, the carbon fiber heating tube can be used normally. However, the overall service life of the carbon fiber heating pipe is also related to the wire. If the heat resistance level of the wire is insufficient, it will also seriously affect the service life of the heating pipe.

Carbon Infrared Heater

Carbon Infrared Heater

There are several advantages to using a paint booth built with Carbon Infrared Heater:

1. Reduce exhaust gas emissions and use electrical energy to avoid solid particle pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from combustion; 2. Improve safety factor and use electrical energy without open flames to greatly reduce the chance of fire; reduce the volume of the paint room, because there is no The hot air circulation system greatly reduces the occupation area of the paint room;

2. The principle of heating tube is upgraded. The burning paint room is heated from the outside to the inside to make the solvent volatilize. The infrared heating paint room is a combination of heat transfer and radiation heating to heat the paint surface from the inside out.

To sum up, the infrared paint room using carbon infrared heater is worth promoting and using.