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What are the Health Benefits of Infrared?

Apr. 02, 2020

Infrared is one of many invisible rays of the sun's rays. It was discovered by British scientist Herschel in 1800. It is also called infrared thermal radiation. In the solar spectrum, there must be invisible light on the outside of the red light. This is infrared. What health benefits does infrared have? Let's follow along with the Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer.

The basis of the infrared therapeutic effect is the warming effect. Under infrared irradiation, tissue temperature rises, capillaries expand, blood flow is accelerated, material metabolism is enhanced, and tissue cell viability and regeneration capacity are improved. Infrared treatment of chronic inflammation improves blood circulation, increases cell phagocytosis, eliminates swelling, and promotes the dissipation of inflammation. Infrared rays can reduce the excitability of the nervous system, have analgesics, relieve striated and smooth muscle spasms, and promote nerve function recovery. In the treatment of chronically infected wounds and chronic ulcers, it improves tissue nutrition, eliminates granulation edema, promotes granulation growth, and accelerates wound healing. Infrared radiation can reduce the exudation of burn wounds. Infrared is also often used to treat sprains and contusions, promote tissue swelling and hematoma dissipation, reduce postoperative adhesions, promote scar softening, and reduce scar contractures.

The effect of infrared rays on the blood because infrared rays can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the human body, the infrared reaction is used to raise the temperature of the deep subcutaneous skin, expand the microvasculature, promote blood circulation, revive enzymes, strengthen blood and cell tissue metabolism, and have great effects on cell recovery Help and improve anemia. Regulation of blood pressure: Hypertension and arteriosclerosis are generally caused by the contraction and stenosis of small arteries such as the nervous system, endocrine system, and kidneys. Far-infrared dilation of microvessels and promotion of blood circulation can reduce hypertension and improve symptoms of hypotension.

Twin Tube Carbon Infrared Heater

Twin Tube Carbon Infrared Heater

The effect of infrared rays on the autonomic nerve mainly regulates visceral function. People are in a state of anxiety for a long time. The autonomic nervous system is constantly tense, which will lead to decreased immunity, headache, dizziness, insomnia and fatigue, and cold limbs. Infrared can regulate the autonomic nerve to maintain the best state and the above symptoms can be improved or eliminated.

The effect of infrared rays on skincare and beauty The infrared rays irradiate the human body to produce resonance absorption, which can cause fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, cholesterol, excess subcutaneous fat, etc. Metabolized directly from the skin. Therefore, it can make the skin smooth and soft. The therapeutic effect of far-infrared rays can increase the body's thermal energy and activate cells, so it promotes adipose tissue metabolism, burns and decomposes, consumes excess fat, and then effectively lose weight.

The effect of infrared rays on the eyes Because the eyeball contains more liquid and absorbs infrared rays more strongly, a certain intensity of infrared rays can cause cataracts when directly irradiated to the eyes. The generation of cataracts are related to the effect of short-wave infrared rays; infrared rays with a wavelength greater than 1.5 microns do not cause cataracts.

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