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Is the Infrared Heating Tube Suitable for the Shoe Industry Really SIR?

Mar. 07, 2020

Infrared Heating Tube is a tubular radiant heater that uses the principle of infrared radiation heating to achieve efficient heating of heated objects. Infrared heating tube has many advantages over traditional heating methods, such as: high efficiency, energy saving, uniform heating, low pollution, high safety and green coefficient, small size, easy installation, low maintenance cost, and can be customized production according to customer specific requirements With almost no restrictions on use, it can be applied to a variety of different environments and different devices. Therefore, it is often used in the production process of modern footwear.

Using the correct IR for the drying process of the footwear, not only the drying speed is extremely fast, but also the temperature of the shoe itself can be quite low, which will not cause the deterioration of the sole. But the premise of this efficient drying is to choose the correct wavelength.

Now many shoe factories that use infrared heating tubes to dry or activate the upper rubber are using short-wave infrared heating lamps, because the characteristics of SIR are fast reaction speed, high heating temperature, and users can feel very short. Time can reach the required temperature, complete the drying work, can save time, that is, save energy. However, Xiaobian received feedback from a Vietnamese customer at a rubber and plastics exhibition. They are one of the largest shoe factories in Vietnam. Now they use short-wave infrared heating tubes. In the early stage, they used short-wave transparent tubes. There are two problems: 1. The brightness is too bright, and it is very dazzling each time, and the worker cannot check the work situation; 2. The temperature is too high, the worker feels dangerous, and the high temperature is not easy to control, it is easy to cause damage and deterioration due to excessive baking. It was later adjusted into a fully gold-plated short-wave infrared heating tube. The brightness problem was solved, the temperature was relatively low, the frequency of burnout of the shoe upper was reduced to a certain extent, but it would still appear, and the full gold-plated lamp tube would be more infrared The radiant heat energy is retained inside the lamp tube, and it is found that the damage rate of the transparent tube is much faster than that of the previous transparent tube for a long time, so there is almost no improvement.

Combining years of research on the infrared heating principle of Infrared Heating Tube Supplier and experimental data on the absorption wavelength of different materials, we can analyze and know that the direction to solve the problem is not to increase the coating; but to solve the mismatch of wavelength absorption, that is, change Selection of the type of infrared heating tube.

Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp

Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared generally refers to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between 0.78-10um. The infrared rays used for heating are generated by incandescence, that is, after a certain heat-resistant substance is energized or continuously heated by a flame to make its temperature higher than 400 °. This substance emits infrared rays that the human body obviously feels. The higher the temperature, the stronger the infrared rays that can be felt, because the infrared rays emitted are shorter and shorter, and the energy is stronger.

In fact, from a micro perspective, in any drying process, the main heating target should be the moisture in it, not other resin solids, let alone substrates and workpieces. If the drying process, the provided heat can automatically absorb the heated substance (moisture) to allow the moisture to heat up as quickly as possible, while other substances that require less energy absorb less energy. In this way, the drying process time is short, energy saving, equipment failure rate is low (MIR warranty period is four times that of SIR), the workpiece temperature is low, and the cooling time is short; the actual benefits to users are increased production speed and substantial energy savings. Significant savings in electricity bills and lower overall costs will result in a straight rise in profits.

In summary, the drying or glue activation of the shoe industry is more suitable for Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp. Are you using it correctly?