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Is The Infrared Lamp Harmful To The Human Body?

Dec. 26, 2019

Is the infrared lamp harmful to the human body? The Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer will tell you briefly.

The nature of light is originally electromagnetic waves, including infrared, visible light and ultraviolet, but the frequency is much higher than the frequency of radio waves used in mobile communications. Infrared and visible light are harmless to the human body. It may be sterilizing to map the human body with an appropriate amount of ultraviolet rays. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays. Even higher than the frequency of light are X-rays, y-rays, and cosmic rays. Among them, X-rays often used in chest chest equipment in hospitals are definitely harmful to the human body if they are mapped to the human body for a long time. There have been historical examples of cancers caused by long-term mapping of X-rays.

The infrared rays in sunlight have different effects on skin than ultraviolet rays. The focus of ultraviolet light leads to photochemical and photoimmunological reactions, while the reaction of infrared mapping is caused by molecular vibration and temperature rise. Thermal radiation from infrared rays penetrates the skin more than ultraviolet rays. 25% to 65% of the radiation can reach the epidermis and dermis, and 8% to 17% can reach the subcutaneous tissue. Through its thermal radiation effect, infrared rays directly increase the temperature of the skin, expand the capillaries, congestion, and increase the evaporation of the epidermal water, which directly affects the formation of the skin. The highlights are red-colored pimples, premature skin aging, and pigmentation disorders. Elevated skin temperature, capillary expansion and congestion, and increased epidermal water evaporation directly affect the skin.

Infrared Heating Tube

Infrared Heating Tube

Infrared rays can also strengthen the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin and accelerate the skin aging process. Using the same sunscreen products and the same energy UV intensity, the SPF value (sun protection factor) measured under outdoor natural sunlight is obviously lower than that measured under artificial light sources in the laboratory, which is due to the natural sunlight The skin is affected by the dual effects of ultraviolet and infrared. The role of infrared and ultraviolet in accelerating tissue degeneration is the same. Infrared rays can also promote the development of skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays.

The above is the analysis of whether the Infrared Heating Tube is harmful to the human body. I hope it will help you.