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Practical Case of Infrared Radiation Heating in Automobile Coating

Apr. 07, 2020

At present, car coating, sheet metal, mechanical components and other external paint baking, many processes will involve drying environment, such as oil tank exterior paint drying, body sheet metal external paint drying, parts paint drying. Actual tests show that the use of infrared radiation heating and drying is currently a more energy-efficient and more practical heating method than hot air heating.

For example, a customer who provides original products and spare parts for brake pads and bushings to global brake system and automobile manufacturers. After installing the IR Heater Factory’s infrared radiation oven, the previous process of powder coating of brake pads eliminated the previous Production bottleneck and increased the efficiency of coating drying by 4 times.

1. The new heating method directly heats the object without heating the air around the object; it can directly heat the object in a vacuum environment. The problem of loss in heat transfer between the heat source and the heating object in the traditional heating method is avoided. .

2. When using infrared radiation heating, choose the appropriate infrared wavelength, which is in line with the absorption spectrum of the heated body. The effect is better, for example: short-wave infrared radiation, more effectively penetrate the paint surface, and heat from the inside to the outside.

3. Energy-saving heating method is near Infrared Heating Lamp, which can convert 95% of electrical energy into heat energy, which is much higher than the traditional heating method.

 Infrared Heating Lamp

 Infrared Heating Lamp

4. Infrared radiation heating is environmentally friendly, and can be quickly turned on and off during heating, which helps reduce radiation loss. The clean, green and safe heating method uses imported and domestic high-quality quartz pipes, which will not cause corrosion and shedding, and will not produce harmful gases and no odors to the heating object and heating environment. High-quality quartz pipes are high-temperature resistant materials, which have good plasticity in high-temperature environments, do not produce tube explosions, and have a very high level of safety.

5. Infrared radiant heating system can be easily integrated into the production line. Through mechanical components, infrared reflective lampshade and control system, external infrared radiant heating and production work can be synchronously controlled.

6. Easy to control The quick reaction time and high-quality quartz tube have the characteristics of minimal thermal inertia, so that the heating process can be quickly and accurately controlled, and the heating process (module) can be arbitrarily set with 0-100% power output to achieve Good temperature control process effect.

7. Long average life The average life of pyrogen products can reach 5000 hours, and products with longer life can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.

8. Simple to use and easy to install, low-cost maintenance and replacement.

In the processing and production of automobiles, the use of infrared radiation heating is a drying method that saves time and costs, and can also help improve the quality of components in some key processes. In the future, there will be more parts in the entire automobile production process, and it may even be that the whole vehicle production will be applied to infrared radiation heating, and the market potential is great.