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What Is The Medical Effect Of Infrared?

May. 25, 2020

Infrared can be used as an auxiliary treatment for many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and intercostal neuralgia. As an infrared lamp supplier, today I will talk to you about the medical effect of infrared.

The use of infrared lamps can treat many diseases. This is because after irradiation with infrared lamps, the blood flow of local tissues increases and the metabolism of tissue cells increases, resulting in increased protein synthesis and increased energy production, which is beneficial to the repair and promotion of local tissue cells. Local lesions healed. The use of infrared lamps can treat dermatological diseases. Such as paronychia, bedsores, boils, folliculitis and other diseases. After being irradiated with infrared light, the blood flow of local tissues is accelerated, the functions of white blood cells and phagocytic cells are enhanced, and it can play a good role in killing local bacteria.

The use of infrared light also has a good adjuvant treatment for herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is mainly due to the patient's low immune function and skin lesions caused by herpes zoster virus infection. Irradiation of infrared light on the affected area can improve the body's immune function and promote the healing of herpes zoster.

Irradiation with infrared light can also promote recovery after soft tissue injury. Such as local soft tissue contusion, lumbar muscle strain, and other diseases. Irradiation of infrared lamps in the damaged area can improve the blood circulation of local tissues and has a certain effect on promoting the repair of tissue cells. The use of infrared light irradiation treatment also has a certain effect on promoting the healing of gynecological diseases. For patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and appendicitis, after using infrared light, it can improve the blood flow of local tissues and organs, and has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on eliminating inflammation of reproductive organs.

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