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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quartz Carbon Fiber Heating Tube?

Apr. 20, 2020

With the maturity of carbon fiber production technology, carbon fiber has been widely developed into various heating elements as new material. It is also used in various heaters, heating equipment or health care equipment. Because of its superior electric heating performance, high energy saving and environmental protection and far-infrared radiation properties, it has been paid more and more attention and use.

Carbon fiber is a kind of high-strength, high-modulus fiber made of polyacrylonitrile fiber, viscose fiber or asphalt fiber as the original yarn, which is removed by heating at high temperature and vacuum to remove other elements than carbon. High-temperature resistance, in which the viscose-based carbon fiber produced with wood pulp and cotton pulp as raw materials has good conductivity and soft workability, so it is long used to manufacture various heating elements. In the 21st century, experts in scientific and technological work agree that the replacement of metal heating elements with carbon fiber heating elements will become an inevitable trend.

Taking the Carbon Infrared Heateras an example, its product structure is formed by curing carbon fiber wire and sealing it in a quartz tube. Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer says their main product characteristics areas follows.

The electrothermal conversion rate is high. The carbon fiber heating element is a pure black material. During the electrothermal conversion process, most of the light generated is 2.5-13um, there is little visible light, the luminous flux is small, and the electrothermal conversion rate is as high as 95%.

Rapid temperature rise and small thermal lag. The high thermal conductivity of carbon fiber in the fiber direction makes it have good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity is as high as 1.6 times that of pure copper and 2.7 times that of aluminum. Therefore, as a heating element, it inevitably exhibits excellent characteristics of rapid temperature rise and small thermal hysteresis.

Carbon Infrared Heater

Carbon Infrared Heater

High heat radiation and obvious energy-saving effect. When carbon fiber is used as a heat pipe, the main form of heat transfer is heat radiation. According to Wien-Glicin's displacement law, if the wavelength of the light emitted by the heating element is between the electromagnetic wave wavelength and the thermal radiation wavelength of 0.8-40um, the shorter the thermal radiation wavelength, the higher the surface temperature of the heating element. 90% of the wavelength generated by the carbon fiber heating element is located in the infrared region of the 2.5-13um thermal radiation wavelength, so its electrothermal conversion rate is above 90%. The energy-saving effect is very significant.

No instantaneous current impact. The carbon fiber electric heating tube does not need a ballast to ignite, and there is no pulse current impact when starting, which makes the lighting power supply and protection circuit simple, and the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances is inspected.

With far-infrared radiation characteristics. The energy emission method of the carbon fiber heating element is based on far-infrared radiation, and the efficiency of far-infrared radiation reaches more than 70%. After the carbon fiber heating element is energized, it will radiate infrared heat that can heat the material, and the infrared radiation wavelength is 2.3-14um. Far-infrared rays of this wavelength are called "light of life" and account for more than 80% of the total wavelength.

Safe and green. The light generated by the carbon fiber heating element can not be far-infrared rays after being energized. There is little visible light, no light pollution, and it does not irritate the eyes and burn the skin. No ultraviolet radiation and harmful gas generation, no high-frequency radiation (only far-infrared radiation), no microwaves, electromagnetic waves, and has the ability to absorb harmful light waves.

It can be used in a more special working environment. The heating wire of the Carbon Quartz Heater is sealed in the quartz tube and can be used in some special working environments, such as high-temperature environment and corrosive environment. The outer tube of the carbon fiber quartz electric heating tube is made of quartz glass, which is a good acid-resistant material, equivalent to 30 times of acid-resistant ceramics and more than 100 times of stainless steel.