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Precautions for Infrared Heating Tube Installation

Mar. 24, 2020

Due to the particularity of the material and structure of the infrared radiation heating tube, the relevant personnel fully understand the following points before installation and during use:

1. Due to material and structural reasons, the Quartz Heating Tube of the infrared radiant heating tube and the internal heating wire may be broken when subjected to large vibrations. Therefore, be sure to avoid large vibrations when moving and stacking the infrared heating tubes. Drop and squeeze.

2. Avoid pinching the root of one end of the infrared heating tube with one hand and trying to take the infrared heating tube, because the end of the quartz tube (especially the pressure seal) is easily broken by bending force.

3. Wear soft yarn gloves as much as possible to pick up and install the infrared heating tube. Not only can you avoid oil and sweat staining the infrared heating tube to affect the heating effect, but also if the infrared heating tube is broken during the installation process, it can avoid the cracked area to operate His hand caused scratches.

4.When installing the infrared heating tube, please avoid rigidly fixing the body of the tube or the ceramic head of the infrared heating tube, because although the thermal expansion of the infrared radiation infrared heating tube is small, the equipment installed with the infrared heating tube may be deformed or distorted during heating. , Rigid fixing will cause damage to the infrared heating tube. Please install as recommended by our company as much as possible, or use the installation card provided by us. There should be sufficient clearance between the porcelain head at the two ends of the infrared heating tube and other items; it should be ensured that the infrared heating tube is not damaged by external forces.

5.Usually there are only two installation points for each infrared heating tube. Three-point installation is not recommended. If three-point installation is required, the three installation points must be aligned.

6. During the installation, please avoid collision between the infrared heating tube and equipment, tools, etc. For infrared heating tubes with a reflective layer, point the side without the reflective layer toward the workpiece to be heated. Please avoid hard objects to scratch and rub the surface of the reflective layer during installation and use, especially the infrared heating tube with gold-plated reflective layer.

7. Certain specifications of infrared heating tubes have strong visible light during work. Do not look directly with the naked eye to avoid irritation to the eyes.

8. Do not touch the IR heating tube before the IR Heating Tube has completely cooled down to avoid possible burns.

IR Heating Tube

IR Heating Tube

9. If possible, the two ends of the infrared heating tube (quartz tube seal) should be placed in a low temperature area (not more than about 300°C), so as to extend the service life of the infrared heating tube. For example, you can extend the two ends of the infrared heating tube to or beyond the insulation layer of your heating equipment.

10. The infrared heating tube should be installed as horizontally as possible to extend the service life.

11. Regardless of whether there is an insulation layer on the power outlets at the two ends of the infrared heating tube, it is recommended that you install a high-temperature-resistant insulating glass fiber or ceramic sleeve (especially where the wire passes through a metal hole) during installation to avoid possible leakage of electricity. 

The above are the precautions for the installation of infrared heating tubes introduced by Infrared Heating Tube Supplier.