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Special Use of Infrared Heating Tube

Mar. 17, 2020

Many customers will ask that the short-wave light tubes used on the device are often broken. How many light tubes do I have to change several times a month? Is it easy to break? First of all, the infrared heating tube itself is a fragile product. There are two reasons for the fragmentation:

1. During the installation or use of the heating pipe, it is not normal operation and causes damage, which is normal.

2. Application of "state" and "direction" of heating tube. Let's talk about "state" first. Generally refers to the equipment: static heating or mobile heating.

Static heating: The heating equipment remains stationary, and the lamp is installed inside the equipment without being affected by external forces.

Movable heating: frequent operation of heating equipment, up and down vibration heating, etc. As a result, the inner filament of the lamp is shaken during the heating process and hits the tube wall. 

How to reduce the occurrence of "deodorizing jade" in the heating tube?

As a professional Infrared Heating Tube Supplier, we have made corresponding plans for such incidents many years ago. Of course, this is also an open secret in the industry.

Compared with the commonly used heating tube, the short-wave heating tube has more grooves on the surface besides the exhaust holes. That's what makes it special! On the surface of the quartz tube, groove treatment is performed on both sides of the support ring. This process is used to fix the bracket ring and reduce filament sloshing during movable heating. To a certain extent, the probability of lamp damage is reduced.

Speaking of short-wave heating tubes, I have to mention another heating tube: the upgraded version of the medium-wave heating tube-Carbon Infrared Heater. Everyone who has used the medium wave heating tube knows its biggest feature: long life, only heating the surface of the object! Compared with other heating tubes, it has the disadvantages: it can only be used horizontally, and the startup time is slow!

Carbon Infrared Heater

Carbon Infrared Heater

In order to meet the needs of more customer groups, cooperate with more heating equipment. The emergence of carbon fiber lamps has resolved such troubles. Compared with the Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp, the carbon fiber heating tube has a faster start-up time, a more uniform filament temperature, a wavelength between medium and short waves, and can be flexibly applied vertically or horizontally. Because the wavelength is between medium waves, carbon fiber is a good substitute for products that can usually be heated by medium waves. In the vertical direction, after the medium wave heating tube is heated, the filament sags and cannot be used again.

But carbon fiber is different. Pure black carbon fiber heating material has extensibility. It can be used vertically without groove treatment. Without affecting the heating effect!