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What Are The Characteristics Of Different Types Of Infrared Heating Tubes?

Jan. 08, 2020

Infrared Heating Tube is a tubular heater using infrared principle. It has the characteristics of good character, high thermal efficiency, large power density, rapid heating, power saving, and long life. It is an energy-saving heating technology developed rapidly in the 80s. It has been listed as a key item in China and has achieved encouraging results.

Infrared is widely used in industrial heating or drying, such as automotive, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit board packaging, film and electronic boundaries and other surface heating drying curing process.

Compared with the traditional heating method, the infrared radiation of the infrared heating tube can penetrate into the surface of the heated material to a certain depth, while the air and media in the heating space are basically not heated, so it has high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, and low power consumption. , High heating quality, good working environment and other advantages. Of course, compared with low-temperature catalytic gas infrared (natural gas), electric infrared heating tubes also have the disadvantage of high power consumption. So what are the reasons for the popularity of infrared heating tubes? The following is a brief introduction by Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer.

1. Energy saving: Compared with electric infrared oven, it may save 60% -70% of energy consumption. Compared with hot air drying, it can also save 20% -50% of energy consumption;

2. Simple operation and low cost of care: The catalytic infrared oven adopts full automatic control, and the man-machine interface is easy to operate. At the same time, the equipment has a long service life and low cost of care;

3. Environmental protection, useful to reduce emissions such as VOCx: organic solvents such as toluene and ethyl acetate generated during heating will be catalyzed and CO2 and water vapor will be generated. Useful to reduce emissions of less harmful gases. At the same time, compared with incineration, the catalytic reaction is more sufficient, which also greatly reduces VOCx emissions.

Quartz near-infrared and far-infrared can use bright or semi-bright quartz glass as the lamp shell. It may wish to generate near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectrum. Infrared is a kind of electric wave. It spreads at the speed of light and carries high energy. The intensity of infrared radiation and the difference of wavelengths of the same model with the same power are different. So what are the characteristics of different types of infrared heating tubes?

Short Wave IR Lamps

Short Wave IR Lamps

A. Features of long-wave infrared (far infrared): fast heating speed, average heating, low thermal inertia, it takes only 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature time of the component, high conversion efficiency of electrical energy radiation reaches 60% -75%, cold and hot does not burst , Long life of energy-saving applications.

B. Features of short-wave infrared (near-infrared): with 1-3 seconds of heating and cooling time, making the heating process control more sensitive. The single tube and twin tubes are highly efficient and durable with a gold-coated reflective layer, which achieves a radiation efficiency of more than 96%, and a long service life, usually more than 10,000 hours. The manufactured Short Wave IR Lamps are widely used.

The above are the different characteristics of different types of infrared heating tubes.