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The Main Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Heating Pipe

Dec. 12, 2019

As the most competitive high-tech material of this century, many developed countries have developed and produced carbon fiber heating materials to replace traditional metal and PTC heating materials. Carbon Infrared Heater is a high-tech product that replaces traditional electric heating pipes such as metal wire and halogen. The ignition point does not require a ballast, and there is no pulse current impact during startup, which simplifies the lighting power supply and protection circuit, and prolongs the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances. In the working process, the luminous flux is much smaller than that of the metal heating element's electric heating tube, and the electric heating conversion efficiency is as high as 95% or more (that is, when you use a 1000W ordinary electric heating tube, a carbon fiber electric heating tube only needs 700W). So what are the advantages of carbon fiber heaters? Carbon Infrared Heater Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Carbon Infrared Heater

Carbon Infrared Heater

1. Energy saving

Carbon fiber is a pure black body heating material. There is almost no visible light during the electro-thermal conversion process. It has the characteristics of rapid heating, small thermal hysteresis, uniform heating, long heat radiation transmission distance, and fast heat exchange speed. In the electrothermal conversion process, visible light is very small, and the electrothermal conversion efficiency is above 95%. In the working process, the luminous flux is much smaller than that of the electric heating tube of the metal heating element, and the thermal efficiency of the metal heating element of the tungsten and molybdenum material of the same power is increased by more than 30%, and the heating time is saved by more than 30%. When the working environment allows, the working temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius, which can completely replace the electric heating tube with metal as the heating element. Specific resistance wires, halogen tubes and other materials can be used as heaters for heating elements, which can save energy by 30%. The far-infrared rays emitted by it are strongly absorbed directly by the human body, clothes, water, etc. During the heat transfer process, the heat loss is small and the energy saving is strong.

2. Stable electrical performance

The carbon fiber far-infrared quartz electric heating tube has stable power within a certain tolerance range during frequent startup, shutdown and long-term continuous work after power-on, without any instantaneous power impact.

3. Rapid heating

The heating rate is 2-4 times that of ordinary metal electric heating tubes.

4. The infrared radiation efficiency of the carbon infrared electric heating tube is more than 70%, and the total emission rate is more than 88%. The absorption wavelength of organic matter and the intensity of infrared radiation are 30% higher than those of electric heating tubes of metal heating elements. Food processed with it is irradiated by infrared radiation, which shortens the conditioning time and maintains the original taste of the food. The heater made of it as a heating body has high infrared radiation intensity and has the function of promoting blood circulation of the human body. It is beneficial to human health and is known as a health-care heater.

Infrared is highly permeable to infrared radiation. During the baking process, the water and solvent in the paint will evaporate first, and bubbles and pores will not be formed on the surface of the paint layer due to the evaporation of the water and solvent inside. Therefore, the effect of baking out is better, which can effectively improve the surface quality of the paint, increase the paint film and increase the strength and toughness.

5. Effectively improve the directional thermal radiation, so that the infrared energy is more concentrated. Because infrared rays have reflection characteristics, the carbon fiber infrared quartz electric heating tube has a more significant reflection effect of infrared thermal energy under the effect of the reflection cover, which increases the efficiency of directly radiating objects. , Effectively improving the efficiency of drying objects.

6. Long service life: continuous service life ≥ 6000 hours (when the temperature ≤ 250 degrees).

7. Environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, no electromagnetic radiation.

These are the advantages of carbon fiber heaters introduced by the Infrared Heating Tube supplier.