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What Is The Wavelength Of The Medium Wave Infrared Heating Tube?

Nov. 28, 2019

In the electric heating industry, the wavelength of the medium-wave Infrared Heating Tube is strictly 2 μm to 15 μm. Although it is a medium-wave infrared heating tube, it is not that this heating tube only radiates medium-wave infrared, but that the medium-wave infrared accounts for the largest proportion in the entire band. For example, the heating tube also has visible light during normal heating. This kind of light wave has no heating effect.

Here Carbon Infrared Heater supplier and everyone to learn about the division of international standard infrared radiation wavelength. When we use an infrared heating tube or other infrared radiator to radiate and heat an object, the molecules of the substance absorb part of the light energy and convert it into vibration energy and rotational energy of the molecule. If we take the wavelength or wave number as the abscissa and the absorptivity or transmission as the ordinate, we can get the infrared absorption spectrum or transmission spectrum of the substance. Among them, the wave number and the wavelength are a reciprocal relationship. The definition of the wave number is how many micron wave lengths are within a unit of 1 cm in length, which is the inverse of the wavelength. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission electrothermal standards, infrared radiation is divided into long-wave infrared radiation, medium-wave infrared radiation, and short-wave infrared radiation.

Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp

Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp

The above is the division of the infrared band by international standards, but the definition of the infrared band is different in different industries and different fields.

1. in optical physics. Optical physics studies diatomic spectroscopy. The precise knowledge of the rotational, vibrational, and electronic energy levels of diatomic molecules can be obtained, and the nuclear distance, vibration frequency, force constant, and dissociation energy of the substance can be accurately determined. Words related to the structure of diatomic molecules. Among them, the rotation-vibration spectrum and infrared spectrum are very beneficial to the human body.

2. Lighting field. Lighting is the study of light sources, namely arc lamps or incandescent lamps. In the nineteenth century, British scientist David made a carbon arc lamp. Seventy years later, American scientists used arc lamps to achieve practical applications in street and square lighting. In 1880, Edison invented the household incandescent lamp, and opened up electricity for civilian daily life.

3. Electric heating field. Infrared heating and drying is based on the principle of radiating heat with infrared electromagnetic waves or far-infrared electromagnetic waves, transferring heat directly to the object to be heated, thereby achieving heating and drying. The effectiveness of infrared heating mainly depends on the degree of infrared absorption of the heated object. The higher the absorption rate, the better the infrared heating. The level of absorption depends on the type of heated substance, the surface state, and the wavelength of the infrared radiation source. By increasing the matching of the two wavelengths or bands, the infrared absorption rate can be increased, so that high-quality processed products can be obtained by efficient heating and drying.

The above is the knowledge about the wavelength of the medium wave infrared heating tube shared by the supplier of Medium Wave Infrared Heat Lamp, I hope to help everyone.