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What Is A Quartz Heating Tube?

Oct. 23, 2019

What is the quartz heating tube, the Infrared Heating Tube Supplier will tell you.

The far-infrared heating tube is a milk-white quartz glass tube processed by a special process, and a resistance material is used as a proton. The opal quartz glass can absorb almost all visible light and near-infrared light from the heating wire, and can make it Converted to far infrared radiation. However, the current industrial infrared heating tube has basically eliminated the milky white quartz tube, and because of its relatively brittle material, it cannot form a long milky white heating tube. And milky white has a shading effect that blocks its heat. Because of its high wall temperature, it is only suitable for near-infrared heating. Also known as a halogen heating tube, a tungsten filament is placed in a quartz casing, and the filament is illuminated by a filament and the outer casing is such that the filament emits a spectrum in the range of 2400-3500K. The most common is Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp.

The main application areas are divided into civilian far-infrared quartz heating tubes and industrial far-infrared quartz heating tubes. The civilian far-infrared quartz heating tube is mainly used for heaters and convection ovens. The industry is suitable for almost any job requiring heating: printing and dyeing, shoemaking, painting, food, electronics, medicine, textiles, wood, paper, automotive, plastics, furniture, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery, etc. The far-infrared heating tube has the remarkable features of high density, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. Heating devices such as heaters and oven drying ducts using such tubes as heating elements can greatly interfere with the operating power, shorten the heating cycle, save space occupied by equipment, save energy, and reduce production costs.

Technical characteristics:

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

Halogen Infrared Heat Lamp

1. No need for far-infrared coating, spectral radiation matching absorption characteristics are good, long-term use of radiation performance does not degenerate, and electrothermal conversion efficiency is high. It is about 30% more energy efficient than general heating elements.

2. The working temperature is high and the selection range is wide. Among them, the ceramic cap is used for the highest temperature resistance up to 800 °C.

3. Fast heating, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermochemical performance, long service life and high insulation strength.

4. Non-polluting, it is a kind of clean type heater, which meets the requirements of modern production with high rhythm and high quality, and is suitable for household appliances with high hygienic requirements.

5. Design, manufacture and installation are very convenient and economical.

So what should you pay attention to when installing and using the Quartz Heating Tube?

Due to the special nature of the material and structure of the infrared radiant heating tube, please pay attention to the following points during the installation and use of the heating tube:

1. The heating tube should not be rigidly fixed at both ends to prevent the heating tube from being broken due to improper mechanical force.

2. The support of the two-end porcelain seat of the heating pipe and the equipment should be freely fit as far as possible, and the axial and surrounding clearance should be no less than 1~3mm; if elastic clamping is used, the pipe body and the rigid body should also be ensured. There is enough room for thermal expansion between them.

3. Place the two-end porcelain head of the heating tube in a low temperature zone under probable conditions to extend the service life of the heating tube.

4. The heating pipe should generally be kept at a level when it is used; if it has special needs to be tilted or used vertically, please contact our Ministry of Commerce or Product Department.

5. For the heating tube of the gold-plated reflective layer, avoid hard objects scratching the reflective layer during installation and use.

6. The power supply lead wire of the heating pipe should be covered with high temperature resistant insulating porcelain bushing or fiberglass pipe during installation to avoid possible leakage hazard.

7. Infrared radiation heating tube and heater can be combined with temperature controller, thyristor power regulator, voltage regulator, etc. to form an automatic temperature control system. Due to the large starting current of the heating tube in the cold state (duration is very short), please pay attention to this feature when selecting the temperature control device.