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What Is An Infrared Heating Tube?

Oct. 18, 2019

The Infrared Heating Tube is a tubular heater that utilizes the principle of infrared rays. It has the characteristics of high quality, high thermal efficiency, high power density, rapid temperature rise, power saving and long life. It is an energy-saving heating technology developed rapidly in the 1980s. Infrared is widely used in industrial heating or drying, such as automotive, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit board packaging, film and electronics, surface heating and curing process. What is the energy saving principle of infrared heating?

Basic theory of heat transfer:

1. Infrared characteristics (wavelength) emitted by objects with different characteristics are different. Infrared rays of different characteristics are easily received by objects with the same characteristics--that is, infrared rays emitted by solid substances are easily absorbed by solids and are not easily absorbed by gases.

2. The form of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, convection.

3. Thermal energy is mainly transmitted (90%) in the form of radiation at high temperatures, and its radiation intensity is proportional to the fourth power of temperature.

4. The absorption capacity of the radiated heat energy is proportional to the surface blackness of the heated object.

5. The thermal energy conduction intensity of the heated object is proportional to the temperature gradient (the surface of the object and the inside), and inversely proportional to the thermal resistance.

Quartz near-infrared, far-infrared using transparent or translucent quartz glass as the lamp envelope can produce near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectrum. Infrared is a kind of electric nucleus. It propagates at the speed of light and carries high energy. Different types of infrared rays of different types have the same intensity and different intensity. Long-wave infrared (ie far-infrared) features: fast heating rate, uniform heating, low thermal inertia, only 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature of the component, high energy radiation conversion efficiency of 60%-75%, hot and cold does not burst, energy saving long lasting. Short-wave infrared (ie, near-infrared) features: 1-3 seconds of warm-up cooling time, making heating process control more flexible. Efficient and durable white or gold-coated reflective layer can achieve 70-90% radiation efficiency, long service life, generally more than 5000-10000 hours. It is especially widely used for drying and solidification of mechanical equipment with fast line speed, drying and heating, and can quickly heat the surface of the object to plastics, water and paints and other solvents, and has the characteristics of being quickly absorbed by the water film to achieve the drying effect.

Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared Heat Lamp

So what areas does the infrared heating tube apply to? As an Infrared Heating Tube Supplier, we can tell you:

Food industry: food drying, food heating, food packaging material molding, food high temperature sterilization;

Printing industry: drying and curing of glue and ink;

Glass industry: annealing of glass and drying of coatings;

Packaging industry: PET blowing, laminating, ink drying;

Footwear industry: activated drying of glue;

Furniture industry: rapid drying of waterborne/oily coatings and paints;

Rubber industry: surface modification, softening and molding of plastics;

Photovoltaic industry: battery wafer soldering, sintering, substrate drying, spray preheating;

Automotive industry: sunlight simulation environment warehouse, sealing strip / wire harness heating, vehicle painting paint, body part point to make baking;

Textile industry: dry coating, fabric preheating, drying, pressing and activation of adhesives.

The above is about the infrared heating tube, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you are interested in infrared heating tubes, you can contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of infrared heating tubes and Infrared Heat Lamp. We believe that our products and services will satisfy you.