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Working Principle Of Infrared Heating Tube

Dec. 11, 2019

Infrared Heating Tube is a tubular heater with infrared principle. It has the characteristics of good character, high thermal efficiency, large power density, rapid heating, power saving, and long life. It is an energy-saving heating technology developed rapidly in the 80s. Economic benefits. Today the supplier of Carbon Infrared Heater will share with you the working principle of infrared heating tube.

1. In series

Series connection is one of the basic ways to connect electric heating elements. It is connected to the heating pipe one by one. Series connection is called a series circuit.

The total voltage in the series circuit is equal to the sum of the voltages of the branches.

b. The total current in the series circuit is equal to the branch current.

c. The total resistance of the series circuit is equal to the sum of the resistances of the branches.

d. In a series circuit, the total power is equal to the sum of the power of the branches, and the heating pipes are connected in the same circuit. Therefore, if an electric heating element is damaged or disconnected at a certain point in the series circuit, the entire circuit will be disconnected, there will be no current in the circuit, and all electrical components will stop working.

Infrared Heating Tube

Infrared Heating Tube

2. Parallel

Parallel connection is a way of connecting head to head, tail to tail, that is, a parallel circuit.

In a parallel circuit, the total voltage is equal to the voltage of each branch.

b. The total current in the parallel circuit is equal to the sum of the currents in each branch.

c. In a parallel circuit, the total power is equal to the sum of the power of each branch and connected in the same circuit, but through different wiring, the two will not affect each other, and a break will not affect the other.

3.Y-type connection (star connection)

A star connection is a connection between a three-phase AC power source and a three-phase appliance. That is, the three ends of the three-phase load are connected together as a common end, thereby forming a connection mode of three fire lines.

The neutral voltage of the A.Y connection circuit is equal to the phase voltage * number 3.

B. The line current in the Y junction circuit is equal to the phase current

4. Delta connection (corner connection)

The delta connection method is to sequentially connect the power or load of each phase and draw each connection point as a three-phase line of three-phase power.

a. The neutral line voltage of the delta connection circuit is equal to the phase voltage

b. The neutral current of the delta connection circuit is equal to the phase current * number 3.

Infrared is generally used in industrial heating or drying, such as automotive, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit board packaging, film and electronic boundaries and other surface heating and curing process.

1. The characteristics of long-wave infrared (far infrared): fast heating speed, average heating, small thermal inertia, only 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature time of the component, high conversion efficiency of electrical energy radiation reaches 60% -75%, cold and hot does not burst , Long life of energy-saving applications.

2. Short-wave infrared (near-infrared) features: 1-3 seconds of heating and cooling time, making the heating process control more sensitive. 

Energy saving principle of infrared heating tube:

The far-infrared rays repeatedly reflect and refract when passing through the quartz tube, causing an opacifying effect. It has excellent far-infrared radiation characteristics. If the back is sprayed with gold or semi-coated white alumina, the effect is better, and the power saving can reach 35%.

Function of infrared heating tube:

Infrared heating tube does not need coating on the outside and no filling material on the inside. The radiation rate is stable. It is fixed at high temperature without harmful radiation. It has no environmental pollution. It has strong corrosion resistance. Use without changing.

The above is the working principle of the infrared heating tube introduced by Infrared Heating Tube Supplier. Hope to help you.